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Escort Service Order Process and FAQ

Elegant Lady Escort Service

Line ID:  sun5637  tea232

Wechat ID: tea520e

  • Please give us your phone number and name we should call you.  If you do not have a local phone number, please contact us on-line or with chatting Appls like Line or Wechat.  Line or Wechat are preferred. 

  • Please let us know your budget and type of lady you prefer.

  • Please let us know your hotel, room number, and time of service.

  • We will inform you when the lady departs and arrive.  Lady will go to your room directly. If you prefer, the lady will meet you outside the hotel.

  • You have the right to reject the lady if you don’t like it.  We will send another one.  However, please let us know your taste as detailed as possible to save time and hassle.

  • We only accept cash.  You will pay the lady before the service.  We will never ask you to transfer money on ATM machine before you see the lady.  Please aware of this common scam.

  • Business Hour:  11AM to 4AM

Other common questions:

Q1: Service Areas and Price?

A1: We serve all major cities in Taiwan.  In Taipei and nearby areas, the minimum is 4.5K.  In other cities, the minimum is 3.5K. 

                            Taipei/New Taipei/Xinzhu:  4.5K to 20K

                            Taichung/Nantou/Zhanghua:  3.5K to 20K

                            Gaoxiong/Tainan:  3.5K to 20K

Q2: How long is one session and how to pay?

A2: One full-service session is 50 mins.  We only accept cash.  Please pay to the lady before service.  No exception. If you like the lady and would like to extend, the same price for each additional session. 


Q3: Any additional fee other than the standard service fee?

A3: Usually no.  But if you live far from the city, it is courtesy to pay 200-300 taxi fee for the lady. If you like the service of the lady, we encourage you to give tips.


Q4: Who will pay the hotel or motel fee?

A4: We can recommend the hotel or motel but the customer is responsible for the lodging fee.


Q5: Can I see the photos of the lady beforehand?

A5: It depends.  We will only provide ladies ’ photos if they work full time.  We need to protect the privacy of the lady if they only work part-time.


Q6: Is the condom required?

A6: In general yes. Some lady might be ok without condoms with extra money but this is on your own risk.


Q7: Role Play?

A7: It is up to the lady.  You may ask.


Q8: Can two share one lady?

A8:  Absolutely not. 


Q9: Can we order more than one lady or 3P ?

Yes. You can order more than one lady at the same time but you cannot reject them.  Please make sure before you call. 


Q10:  What is full service?

A10:  Full service is 50 mins long including shower together, oral sex, and one covered sex.  Other additional services is up to the lady and we have no control of it.   

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